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REVOLET was established in Europe in order to introduce particularly high hygienic standards in public and semi-public places.
Many countries suffer from public toilets without elementary hygiene conditions, which pose a real health and personal problem.
Our company has invested a lot of effort, among other things, in the development of a hygienic toilet seat that, with the push of a button, runs a nylon sleeve on the toilet seat, smart, clean, and simple.
This useful and friendly product makes it possible to reduce cleaning costs and save manpower.

In addition to our flagship product, our company is engaged in the development and production of other unique hygiene products and systems.

Advanced hygiene systems

We spend many hours of our day to day lives in public areas – at work, cafes, bars, shopping centers, hospitals, airports… As a result, we have to use public restrooms.
Despite the paper toilet seat covers currently on the market, and regular use of disinfectants in order to prevent viral and bacterial contamination, the results are still insufficient. We all try to avoid direct contact with the toilet area and specifically with the toilet seat by placing many pieces of paper or impractical use…
Revolet introduces a practical and elementary solution, and provides you with a brand new and 100% hygienic toilet seat, free of bacteria and viruses, a new single-use toilet seat with every use.



At the click of a button the seat will be covered with a very thin, new, hygienic, 100% antibacterial cover. This way you can be sure that you are the first person to use the seat.



The motor unit includes a smart card that prevents unnecessary use of the product and creates a 20 second interval between each use.



Suitable for all toilet seats. Simple to install and easy to use. Useful with or without the top cover.



.The toilet seat covers currently available on the market do not break down fast enough causing blockages, just like the amounts of toilet paper flowing into the building's sewage system after padding the toilet seats, and cause the sewage system to collapse even in the most modern buildings.


Low operating prices

Our hygienic toilet seat saves you the costs of cleaning supplies, toilet paper and manpower. The cost of disposables is considerably lower than the amounts of toilet paper not being used for its original purpose…


System wide efficiency

We consume an average of approximately 800kg of toilet paper a year using the paper dispensers in the restrooms. This amount of toilet paper flows through the sewage system and causes blockages and damages to the sewage system. Our hygienic toilet seat lowers the need for this amount of toilet paper, and so we save the costs of blockages, repairs and accelerated wear and tear of the pipe system.


Cleaning crew efficiency

The cleaning crew will require less time to maintain a sterile pleasant and clean environment in the restrooms, and will be free to handle other tasks in the workplace.

The hygienic toilet seat operates with rechargeable batteries

The seat comes equipped with a powerful 6V lithium battery that covers the seat with a new sterile plastic cover in just 4 second, with no need for unnecessary wiring in the restroom.
The battery life between charging is approximately 3000 strokes (about five months of use).
Charging the battery takes about 3 hours only!

The hygienic toilet seat operates with electricity

Especially suitable for restrooms with large amounts of visitors, and also for modern restrooms with a safe available source
of electricity, the operating button on the device can be replaced with a touch-free sensor.

An automatic system for covering the toilet at the touch of a button: how does it work?

At the touch of a button the seat will be covered with a brand new, very thin, hygienic and 100% antibacterial cover, that's it, the seat is ready for use. The Tottolet toilet seat works on battery and/or electricity.
The blade on the left side of the Tottolet seat slices the plastic roll and prevents reuse of the cover.
There is an automatic 20 second interval between each use, in order to prevent unnecessary use of the plastic roll.

What should I do when there is a technical problem?

You can contact our customer service center that will be happy to answer your questions and provide assistance at + if necessary will send a representative to repair the problem.

Is there a warranty for Revolet

yes! Revolet provides its clients with comprehensive insurance for the product, the client will not be charged for replacement parts during the entire period of the contract, including external plastic parts that break. In case of intentional damage to the product the comprehensive insurance will not cover the repair costs. Furthermore, comprehensive insurance will not apply in case of damage due to use of chemicals and acids. The deductible will be no greater than 160 € including VAT.

Is replacing the toilet seat rolls complicated?

No! Replacing the roll is simple and easy and takes about 40 seconds only.

We already have a cleaning team that takes care of the cleaning of the toilets. Why invest in Revolet?

The cleaning crew will require less time to maintain a sterile pleasant and clean environment in the restrooms, and will be free to handle other tasks in the workplace.

I have a specially made toilet seat. Will Revolet suit me?

Yes! The Revolet toilet seat fits 99% of the existing toilet seats around the world.

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